The Internet is evolving, just like everything else. In the near future, you won't need to browse through hundreds of pages on 2D screens to find what you want. Instead, you'll use mixed reality (a combination of AR and VR). AI-powered metaspaces will communicate with you, assisting with your needs, just like in the real physical world, using advanced devices such as Apple Vision Pro.

The current internet ecosystem, based on .com and .net domains, and including popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Safari, isn't equipped for this Internet revolution

The good news is that it has already happened. You can now own meta domains, set up meta spaces, and explore metascapes on your computer using meta browsers.

Even better, you've already discovered the top website where you can register meta domains at the most affordable prices and enjoy the best customer support.

What Are Metaverse Domains?

Embrace Tomorrow: Where VR & AI Forge the Future

According to McKinsey & Company and PWC global research, the VR-based 3D meta industry is projected to be worth $5 trillion, and AI technology will be worth $15 trillion. These industries are set to become the most valuable and rapidly growing sectors in the world.

Current web browsers and domain naming systems are ill-equipped for the upcoming Internet revolution. This is where Meta domains come into play.

Riding the Wave of Inevitable Internet Evolution

The current domain naming system and its ecosystem were designed for manually browsing hundreds of pages on 2D screens. The next-generation Internet is entirely different. It immerses you in a lifelike physical world where you can converse with it, and AI-powered technologies comprehend your needs, enabling you to accomplish whatever you desire.

This is why metascapes and meta browsers have been developed, and it's precisely why you need meta domains.

Why Metaverse Domains
Benifits Of Metaverse Domains

The Acceleration of Cutting-Edge Technologies

Largest corporations, such as Apple and Facebook, are investing billions of dollars in mixed reality (VR and AR) devices, and these technologies are improving exponentially.

Decentralized internet technologies are also improving as never before.

Meta domains have been designed to work with these technologies, so no one can escape in the meta domains in the near future.

Join the Movement: Everyone Can Be a Part of It

At the beginning of the first .com and .net releases, it was challenging for common people to buy domains. However, with meta domains, anyone could easily do so shortly after the release. It took more than 2 years to sell the first 100 domains.Within a few weeks, thousands of the best domains were owned by users like you.

Unlike ICANN domains (.com, .net, etc.), meta domains can be available at significantly low prices. You can own a domain for just $1, and there are no yearly renewal fees for meta domains.

Elevating Digital Wealth: Domains as the Evergreen Digital Treasures

Owning the best domain is the most profitable digital investment. As an example, was purchased for a few dollars and sold for over $800 million. Almost every .com domain with an English dictionary word sells for more than a million dollars in domain flipping websites such as Sedo. Domain flipping is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

However, there are no single English dictionary word domains available now. The last unregistered English dictionary word domain was sold over 15 years ago.

Nonetheless, you can find plenty of valuable domains, including English dictionary word domains or very short domains, by using the MetaZ domain search on NameZage

Frequently ask questions


1. What are MetaZ domains?

Meta domains are introduced for accessing metaspaces, decentralized 3D websites designed for future VR devices like Apple Vision Pro. Users can access metaspaces using Meta browsers on Windows, Mac computers, iOS, and Android devices. Metaverse domains can be owned or transferred without yearly renewal fees. To see an example, visit x, y, z, or any other metaverse browser and type example.x to get an idea about metaspaces.


2. Why should I own Meta domains?

You can set up a metaspace immediately or keep the meta domains as a digital investment for potential resale. The value of Meta domains is expected to increase, similar to .com and .net domains, unless you buy a domain like something6381.z.


3. How can I own Meta domains?

You can easily obtain Meta domains from any Meta domain registrar website. However, we highly recommend using NameZage, the world's cheapest and best Meta domain registrar.


4. How much is a Meta domain?

Unregistered domains can be purchased for $1 - $6 from NameZage, depending on the domain extension. NameZage offers the most affordable Meta domains. Premium domain prices, resold by others, vary, and some resellers set very high prices.


5. Can I resell Meta domains?

Yes, you can resell your Meta domains at any time.


6. Is it easy to buy Meta domains?

Yes, you can purchase Meta domains easily. However, we recommend researching and finding domains with potential future value or suitability for your AI-integrated 3D metaspace.


7. Are there any renewal fees for Meta domains?

No, there are no renewal fees for Meta domains. You own them forever or until you decide to resell them after purchasing with a one-time fee.


8. How can I withdraw money from my resold Meta domains?

When someone purchases domains resold by you, your Meta domains wallet will be credited. You can withdraw money from your Meta domain wallet to your PayPal, crypto wallet, or bank account.


9. How can I set up resell?

Activate resell status on your Meta domains. They will become available as premium domains in all Meta domain registrar services regulated by the Meta Z organization.


10. How can I set up a website?

NameZage allows you to set up metaspaces for your Meta domains within the NameZage wallet.


11. How can I access Metaspaces?

You need to download a Meta browser to access Meta domains from your Windows, Mac computers, or iOS and Android devices. Cligor and Sifoz are recommended Meta browsers by NameZage, and more options such as ( all names and more ) are available.


12. Do I need a VR kit to access Metaspaces?

Meta domains are designed for future VR devices like Apple Vision Pro. However, you can access them without using VR devices through Meta browsers like Cligor and Sifoz.


13. Can I transfer my domains?

Yes, you can transfer your Meta domains among Meta domains wallets easily. NameZage to NameZage Meta domain transfers are 100% free, but Some Meta domain registrars may charge a fee for domain transfers.


14. How can I secure my domains?

To enhance security for your Meta domains, obtain a zKey, which is somewhat related to the private key of a cryptocurrency.


15. Can I purchase Meta domains as an investment?

Yes, most likely, Meta domains will be the next big investment.


16. Can I buy Meta domains using cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can purchase Meta domains using cryptocurrency.


17. What are the extensions of Meta domains?

Currently, there are four domain extensions ( .Z , .X , . web3 , .meta) available for Meta domains. Meta Z organization might release country-level Meta domains extensions within the next few years.