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NameZage is your trusted partner to connect your website, brand, or startup with the Metaverse-the future of the Internet. Here, you can name your innovative ideas and make them live in your own decentralized metaspace that belongs to no one but you!

The First MetaZ-accredited Domain Registrar in the World.

NameZage is the first domain registrar with MetaZ accreditation to bring you the experience of decentralized Metaverse domains. Our experts combine MVDs with safe, easy, and affordable NameZage services.

MVDs are no longer limited to a single brand or an organization. But they create the interconnection within all Metaverse versions under a single domain name system. It will be the same as how regular web2 domains interconnect websites.

MVDs That Are Not Limited to a Single Metaverse Platform

We Help You Unleash The Full Potential of Your Ideas

NameZage has got you covered in all aspects since the very moment you came to register your domain. Until you create your idea a reality within your own metaspace, we are always one text away in your journey.

NameZage in Brief

NameZage started in 2022 with the idea of becoming a bridge to fill the gap within the separated Metaverse versions and entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities in the Metaverse.

After MetaZ introduced the futuristic Domain Name System for the Metaverse to interconnect all these separated pieces into a single network, NameZage become the first MetaZ-accredited domain registrar to fulfill the mission.

Within a short time, we expanded our team with experts in all the required areas to provide premium NameZage services with unparalleled customer experiences.

As the leading MVD registrar, we have expanded the domain registration services with decentralized hosting and Metaspace creation services to bring your ideas right into the Metaverse.

Your Future With NameZage

Purchasing a Metaverse domain is creating a bond for a lifetime. Once you own an MVD, either you can resell it or use it to deliver your ideas into the world through your metaspace. Either way, NameZage will be your companion to guide you to the targets.

Decentralized Blockchain and Web3 technologies that are associated with the Metaverse will take your ideas, brands, and businesses to a whole new level with unlimited opportunities to impress your customers. NameZage helps you achieve your best potential in each step.

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