Metaverse Domain Extensions


Futuristic Metaverse domain extensions exclusively support the visibility of domains in the Metaverse. All you need to know is how to choose the right one to support your ideas…

Let’s Dive Into The Metaverse TLDs

.z extension

.z is the main domain extension introduced by the Metaverse domain name system. As the leading domain extension, it also comes with the highest value. It can be used just like its web2 counterpart, dot com.

Without competition, .z is the first choice for commercial metaspaces or any professional metaspace in the Metaverse. They are also the most popular choice among investors.

According to the reports, the purpose behind most .z domain purchases is domain flipping/reselling. Not a big surprise from the future version of .com, right?

.x extension

.x is the most popular alternative that comes after the leading domain extension. The value of .x is a little lower than .z on registrars. Anyway, sometimes .x domains can go higher than their .z version on reselling marketplace due to the preferences of users.

Same as .z, .x domains are a perfect choice to represent any type of metaspace you wish to create.

.web3 extension

The .web3 extension is created for serving Web3-related decentralized websites.

For example, if you plan to launch a metaspace related to Web3, using a .web3 domain will provide you with the required visibility in advance

.meta extension

Same as above, the .meta extension is better than any other extension for metaverse-related spaces in the metaverse.

.e extension

As we mentioned earlier, the .e extension is not released at the moment. However, it can surely be one of the leading extensions among the upcoming Metaverse TLDs.

Three important factors about MVD extensions


These are the cool domain extensions we can see at the moment in the metaverse domain name system. MetaZ, as the main metaverse domain provider, is planning to launch another fan-favorite extension, .e, for the domains with emojis.


However, as the first MetaZ-accredited domain registrar, NameZage offers all the available Metaverse domain extensions to our users. All these TLDs are compatible with blockchain and web3 technologies. Simply a golden invention to light up the Metaverse.


Even though Metaverse domain extensions do not have a long list at the moment, the available ones are perfect and cool. Unlike crypto wallet domains, every metaverse domain extension is super easy to access through meta browsers.