NameZage Wallet Guide For Beginners

This article provides you with all the details and instructions on using your Namezage Wallet. It is mandatory to create a wallet if you are purchasing a Metaverse domain from Namezage or transferring a Metaverse domain to a Namezage wallet. So, let’s explore each step in detail.

What Is a Wallet?

Namezage Wallet is where you can store and manage your Metaverse Domains after purchase. To help you with metaverse domain purchasing and reselling purposes, Namezage wallet is also equipped with top-up and withdrawal options.

How Do I Create a New Wallet in Namezage?

You can find the “Wallet” option in the top right corner.

The “Create Wallet” option will request you to add the below details.

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Metamask address (Optional)
  • Password

You can proceed after entering the above details. Simple as that, you have created your Namezage wallet account.

What are My Public Key, Private Key, & zKey?

Public Key

Public Key will show up in your Namezage wallet after the signing-up process. This is your unique ID that represents your wallet within the Metaverse domain naming system (MetaZ).

Private Key

Private Key is an auto-generated unique ID by Namezage that represents your registrar wallet.

This is what separates you from other Metaverse domain owners. You must keep it private without sharing it anywhere else. Using the private key, you can recover your registrar wallet in scenarios such as password loss.


zKey is a unique user ID you get from the metaverse domain provider,MetaZ. zKey will protect you from losing your domain ownership in case you lose both your wallet password and private key.

Using the zKey, you can recover your wallets/Metaverse domains in such cases with no worries. zKey is also important when you transfer your domains from one registrar to another.

How to Do I Top-up My Namezage Wallet?

Namezage supports both fiat and cryptocurrencies to top up your wallet.

First, log into your Namezage wallet. Then you can go through the “Upgrade Wallet” option to choose your preferred payment method.

There you can use your Paypal or Metamask address with Namezage wallet to do the transactions.

-Profile Management-

How to Change My Namezage Wallet Username?

To change your Namezage wallet username, you must log into the account.

Then you can go to the “Profile Update” option in the sidebar of your wallet. The “Edit Profile” option next to your details will allow you to create a new username for the Namezage Wallet.

How to Update My Email Address on Namezage?

Same as the above step, you can go through the “Profile Update” option in the wallet sidebar.

Click on the “Edit Profile” option to edit your personal details. You can simply remove the added email and replace it with the new one to update your profile.

After successfully changing your email address, you will no longer be able to access your Namezage wallet using the previous email.

How to Change My Namezage Password?

After logging into your Namezage wallet, you can reset your password in the “Profile Update” section in the sidebar menu.

Within the “Profile Update” section, use the “Edit Profile” option to change any detail showing under the personal information.

You can remove the current password and set your new password for future login requirements.

How Can I Resell My Metaverse Domains?

Reselling your Metaverse domains in the Namezage marketplace is simpler than you imagine. We have made the process super easy for our users to give a hassle-free reselling experience for anyone.

Log into your Namezage wallet and go to the “My Domains” section in the sidebar. If you already have Metaverse domains in your wallet, you can see the reselling status for each domain in the right corner of the list.

If you need to resell a domain, you can simply click on the “Update” option under the reselling status. Then you can set your reselling price for the domain and click on “With/without adding to MetaZ marketplace”.

You can check and update your reselling domains in the reselling domains section in the sidebar. For more info, you can read the Namezage MVD reselling guide.


I Forgot My Namezage Wallet Password, What Should I Do?

Go to the “Wallet” option in the top right corner of the homepage. Use the Login option to go to the next step.

There you can use the “Forgot password” option to reset your password.

You will be required to enter the email and wallet ID (Private Key) correctly to enter a new password instead of the previous one.

If you need to know how to recover your Namezage wallet in different scenarios, you can visit our wallet recovery guide here.