What Is a Metaspace?

A metaspace or a metaverse website is what gives you the real experience of the metaverse. In layman's terms, metaspaces are the metaverse counterpart of regular web2 websites.

And, that is not the only difference. Metaspaces come with many impressive features and qualities that can blow your mind. Let’s check out some factors that differentiate metaspaces from regular websites.

Why Metaspaces Use Decentralized Hosting?

Metaverse is originally based on web3 technologies. Which means the metaverse is also a decentralized version of the internet.

This decentralization comes from the way websites are hosted. Web2 sites use centralized servers while metaverse websites use blockchain technology for hosting. Which makes them decentralized.

The reason is, the whole web3 concept is based on decentralization and creating a censorship-resistant version of the Internet.

Are Metaspaces Censorship Resistant?

This is another advantage of the metaverse that comes with decentralization.

There is no governing central authority to impact your actions or published content. So, you can do whatever you need with your 3D space with no interruptions.

3D Space Experience of Metaspaces

All the metaspaces are created as 3D web spaces. This expands the read-and-write-based regular internet experience into a virtual tour where you can interact with things.

.Think about a business that sells footwear, clothes, or smartphones online. Pictures are their best option to create an impactful impression on customers. But, metaspaces can bring it to the next level for both sellers and buyers.

They can set up a metaspace like a virtual showroom for their business. It can provide the worldwide customer base with an impressive shopping experience just like they visited a physical showroom.

Supportive Domains to Create Metaspaces

Metaspaces require metaverse domains to create a website. Regular web2 or web3 domains are not compatible with these websites. Metaverse domains are specifically developed to be compatible with both metaverse and web3 technologies.

When you choose a metaverse domain, you can go with multiple options with domain extensions.

All the metaverse domain extensions are accessible in meta browsers.

Elevate User Experience to the Next Level With AI

Metaspaces have a lot to offer if you need more ways to improve user experience. One of the biggest advantages is you can integrate AI like ChatGPT to provide an even greater experience for users.

With that ability, Metaspaces can offer personalized recommendations, support, and guidance to your users.

Imagine you have a Metaspace for a clothing brand. AI can help users find the perfect outfit for any occasion. It can recommend styles based on the user's preferences and past purchases and even offer styling tips and suggestions for accessories.

This way, your business or brand can provide a truly customized and engaging experience for users.

How to Get the Full Experience of Metaspaces

You must use a compatible web browser to visit a metaspace with a full metaverse experience. At the moment, regular web2 and web3 browsers are not developed to work with metaspaces.

So, as a perfect solution, you have meta browsers. A meta browser is your gateway to experience the metaverse. You can find one for Android, IOS, Windows, and Mac devices.